Representation and Visibility. Roma in the Media


  • Magdalena Ratajczak University of Wroclaw


Roma minority, media pluralism, public service broadcasters, minority representation, Roma broadcasts


This article is divided into three main parts. The first is an overview of the situation of the Roma minorities in Slovenia and Poland. The second part of the article presents minority broadcast media and the main elements of the legal and institutional framework they operate in. Finally, this article focuses on the visibility of Roma in the media. This article draws attention to cultural pluralism and how cultural pluralism is implemented by the public service broadcasters in Poland and Slovenia, particularly in the context of the presence of Roma minorities in the media. The research is based on 15 interviews carried out in Slovenia and Poland between 2006-2009 with journalists, editors, researchers, workers of NGOs, government representatives and Roma minority leaders. This study is also based on policy documents, reports of governments, NGOs and international organisations, academic literature and content analysis of Roma minority media.

Author Biography

Magdalena Ratajczak, University of Wroclaw

Magdalena Ratajczak, Doctor, senior lecturer at the Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw (Section of International Communication). She holds an M.A. (Political Science, 1996) and a PhD (Political Science, 2001). Her current research focuses on studies incultural pluralism in European media, ethnic media and national minorities in Europe as well as multicultural policy in Europe. She is the author, co-author and editor of 4 books and about 30 articles and book chapters.


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