Submission Guidelines

Global Media Journal encourages national and international media scholars, media professionals, and graduate students to submit scholarly articles, critical essays, graduate research results, book reviews, and opinion pieces related to International and Intercultural  Communication.

The journal welcomes themes that explore the broad boundaries of communication and media studies, especially in relation to  international and intercultural communication studies, including, but not limited to: print media, broadcasting, radio, information and communication technologies, alternative media, political communication, journalism and research methodologies. In consultation with the Advisory Board, Editors select proposed topics. Accordingly, Guest-Editors and Special Editions are welcome and can be submitted to the editorial board.

All manuscripts submitted to GMJ-DE should be original and not under consideration for another publication while reviewed Rights remain with the author, but authors are obliged to sign a publication contract with the University of Erfurt in order to alienate publication rights for online publication.

In order to to facilitate the editorial process as well as the cooperation with our authors, the editorial board compiled the following styleguide:

Style Guide for Authors

All contributed articles in the GMJ-DE will go through a (blind) peer-review-process and will be reviewed by academics working in relevant fields. Other submissions (invited papers, essays and commentaries) will be reviewed by the GMJ-DE guest editor and managing editors prior to publication.

According to the high-profile aspiration of the GMJ-DE and in the sense of the promotion of scientific discourse and cumulative research the Editors emphasise the transparancy of data and methods of data generation. Therefore, we encourage the authors to document their source of data as a precondition for secondary analyses.

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Next issue

Spring/Summer 2015
Special Edition: Contemporary TV Drama Series

Guest Editors: Elisabeth Klaus & Florian Huber, University of Salzburg. This issue will focus on the transnational and cross-cultural aspects of contemporary TV series in Western and non-Western contexts. Read the full CfP in German or CfP in English.
You can still send full paper submissions for any other topic related to international or transcultural communication for consideration for the winter issue 2015 until July 2015.
Please check our styleguide D / ENG.

Book on Demand

The articles of the special issue "Der Nahostkonflikt und die Medien" (Vol.4, No.1) can be ordered in a book for €12,90.
ISBN 978-3-7357-3918-6

Der Nahostkonflikt und die Medien


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