Aktuelle Ausgabe

Jahrgang 5, Nr. 2
Herbst / Winter 2015

Akademische Artikel / Peer Reviewed Articles

Ronja Kniep
Media Accountability Online in Israel.
An application of Bourdieu’s field theory
(article in English)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext


Giuliana Sorce
Hitler and Humor: Coming to Terms with the Past Through Parody
(article in English)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Kefa Hamidi
Transformation der Mediensysteme in fragilen Staaten am Fallbeispiel Afghanistan (article in German)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Medienpraxis & Forschungsberichte / From the Field

Irit Neidhardt
As if they do not exist. Images of (be)longing and of owning Palestine
(article in English)
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Buchrezensionen / Book Reviews

Indira Dupuis
Blum, Roger (2014): Lautsprecher & Widersprecher. Ein Ansatz zum Vergleich der Mediensysteme (review in German)
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Call for Papers for Spring/Summer 2016 issue: Refugees, Migration and the Media

You are invited to send full paper submissions for topics related to our call on Refugees, Migration and the Media for consideration for the next issue until February 29, 2016.

Please refer to our call in Deutsch and English.

Please check our styleguide D / ENG.

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