Current Issue

Volume 4, No. 2
Autumn / Winter 2014

Special issue: International Media Assistance: Experiences and Prospects

Guest Editors: Mary Myers, Christoph Dietz & Marie-Soleil Frère


Mary Myers, Christoph Dietz & Marie-Soleil Frère
International Media Assistance: Experiences and Prospects
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Akademische Artikel / Peer Reviewed Articles

Iginio Gagliardone
Media Development with Chinese Characteristics
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Jessica Nosske-Turner
Evaluating the Impacts of Media Assistance: Problems and Principles
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Benjamin A. J. Pearson
Media Aid Beyond the Factual: Culture, Development, and Audiovisual Assistance
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Kristina Irion & Tarik Jusic
International Assistance and Media Democratization in the Western Balkans: A Cross-National Comparison
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext


Daire Higgins
The Western Way: Democracy and the Media Assistance Model
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Bill Orme
Does Sustainability Require Transparency? The UN Divide Over Freedom of Information & Media in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Michel Leroy
Results-Oriented Evaluations: Their Uses, Their Limits and How They are Driving Implementers‘ Coping Strategies
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Mark Nelson
Media and Development: The Dysfunctional Alliance
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Medienpraxis & Forschungsberichte / From the Field

Nicole Stremlau
In Search of Evidence: Media and Governance in Fragile States
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Sanne van den Berg
Assessing the Impact of TMF on the Tanzanian Media: A Practical Approach
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Jan Lublinski, Erik Albrecht, Petra Berner, Laura Schneider, Merjam Wakili & Jackie Wilson
Windows of Opportunity – The Transformation of State Media to Public Service Media in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova and Serbia
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Marek Bekerman
The Failure of a Success Story: Reforming Georgia’s Public Service Broadcaster
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Graduate Section

Marlene Kunst
The Link between ICT4D and Modernization Theory
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Buchrezensionen / Book Reviews

Fritzi-Marie Titzmann
Ajaya Kumar Sahoo and Johannes G. De Kruijf (eds.) (2014): Indian Transnationalism Online: New Perspectives on Diaspora (review in English)
Read Review

Christine Horz
Carter, Cynthia; Steiner, Linda; McLaughlin, Lisa (eds.) (2014): The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender (review in English)
Read Review

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Spring/Summer 2015
Special Issue: Contemporary TV Drama Series

Guest Editors: Elisabeth Klaus & Florian Huber, University of Salzburg. This issue will focus on the transnational and cross-cultural aspects of contemporary TV series in Western and non-Western contexts. Read the full CfP in German or CfP in English.
You can still send full paper submissions for any other topic related to international or transcultural communication for consideration for the winter issue 2015 until July 2015.
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