Current Issue

Volume 3, No. 2
Autumn / Winter 2013

Akademische Artikel / Peer Reviewed Articles

Nadja-Christina Schneider
More than a belated Gutenberg Age: Daily Newspapers in India. An Overview of the Print Media Development since the 1980s, Key Issues and Current Perspectives (article in English)
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Stefanie Groth
Citizens’ Radio in North Africa and the Middle East: Meaningful Change through Citizen Empowerment? – An Experience from Tunis (article in English)
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Ulrike Irrgang
Von despotischen Türken und kaltherzigen Deutschen. Zur Inszenierung und Destruktion kultureller Stereotype in der Komödie (article in German)
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Essays / Essays

Mina Naeli
New Trends of Social Media Use in Iran: Candidates’ Campaigns on Social Networks in the 2013 Presidential Election (article in English)
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Graduate Section

Kefa Hamidi
Zwischen Information und Mission. Journalisten in Afghanistan: Berufliche Einstellungen und Leistungen (article in German)
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Buchrezensionen / Book Reviews

Anne Grüne
Oren, Tasha; Shahaf, Sharon (2012): Global Television Formats. Understanding Television Across Borders (review in English)
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Christine Horz
Michaelsen, Marcus (2013): Wir sind die Medien. Internet und politischer Wandel in Iran (review in German)
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Michael Waltinger
Sturmer, Martin (2013): Afrika! Plädoyer für eine differenzierte Berichterstattung (review in German)
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Autumn/Winter 2014
Call for Papers - Special Edition: International Media Assistance

Guest Editors: Christoph Dietz, Marie-Soleil Frère, Mary S. Myers. This issue will be focused on the ways in which international donors have supported the media sector in developing countries over the last 25 years. Read the full CfP here. Deadline for paper submission: July 15, 2014
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