Archive – Volume 2, No. 1

Volume 2, No. 1
Spring / Summer 2012

Special issue: Covering the Arab Spring:
Middle East in the Media – the Media in the Middle East

Ehab Galal & Riem Spielhaus
Editorial | PDF-Fulltext

Akademische Artikel / Peer Reviewed Articles

Media as actors for change?

Edward Webb
Holding Back The Flood: Regimes of Censorship in the Middle East & North Africa in Comparative Perspective
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Amr Osman & Marwa Abdel Samei
The Media and the Making of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Lorenzo Trombetta
Altering Courses in Unknown Waters: Interaction between Traditional and New Media during the first Months of the Syrian Uprising
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Zvi Bar’el
Reshaping the Hegemony: State-Owned Media in Egypt after the Revolution
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Covering The Arab Spring beyond the Middle East

Massimo Di Ricco
The Arab Spring is a Latin American Winter: TeleSUR’s “Ideological Approach” and the Breakaway from the Al-Jazeera Network
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Mikkel Fugl Eskjær
Changing Revolutions, Changing Attention? Comparing Danish Press Coverage of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Syria
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Hanne Jørndrup
Journalism’s Rewriting of History in Reporting the Arab Spring
(article in English)
special issue
Abstract | PDF-Fulltext

Buchrezensionen / Book Reviews

Ursula Götz
Zelizer, Barbie/ Allan, Stuart (eds.): Journalism after September 11 (2011) (review in German)
Read Review

Iren Schulz
Corinna Peil: Mobilkommunikation in Japan. Zur kulturellen Infrastruktur der Handy-Aneignung (2011) (review in German)
Read Review

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Spring/Summer 2015
Special Issue: Contemporary TV Drama Series

Guest Editors: Elisabeth Klaus & Florian Huber, University of Salzburg. This issue will focus on the transnational and cross-cultural aspects of contemporary TV series in Western and non-Western contexts. Read the full CfP in German or CfP in English.
You can still send full paper submissions for any other topic related to international or transcultural communication for consideration for the winter issue 2015 until July 2015.
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